3rd Grade Music Notes

First Quarter 2017

Our First Quarter Learning Goals

  • I will be able to follow the rules of music while singing, moving, and playing instruments.
  • I will be able to sing using solfege (so, mi, la)
  • I will be able to draw (and count) a whole note.
  • I will be able to perform an ostinato (repeated pattern)
  • I will be able to read music.

Songs We Have Learned

  • Hello, There
  • Up The Ladder, Down the Ladder
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Cobbler, Cobbler
  • Down to the Baker's Shop
  • El Zapatero
  • La Raspa (Mexican Folk Dance)

Our 3rd Grade Concert is April 10 at 6:00pm

Dates to Remember

November 2- Intro to Musical Theater Workshop for interested 4th graders- 3:40-5:00

November 9- Fourth Grade Drama Club Auditions- 3:30-5:30

December 12- 2nd grade concert 6pm (Grandparent Performance at 2pm)

December 14- 2nd grade field trip to IBT Nutcracker (10am)

January 23 and 25- First Grade informances at 6pm (grade levels will be split in half, one group goes 23rd and other group goes 25th) Grandparent performances at 2pm.

February 23- Fourth Grade Drama Club Performance 6pm

March 19-22 Instrument Zoo during music class (tentative depending on parent volunteers)

March 13- Fourth Grade (4Extin, 4Jancich, 4Decker) CONCERT at 6pm

March 15- Fourth Grade (4Caddick, 4Hall, 4Hathaway) CONCERT 6pm

April 10- Third Grade Concert at 6pm

April 12- Fifth Grade Concert at 6pm

May 7-11 Talent Day during Music Class

Who Is Mr. Everybody?

Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment is a silly story that we use to help us learn how to name the notes on the music staff (those five lines and four spaces). We use the initials of the characters to learn the names on the notes. We had our first test (review) over Book 1 (CDEF). We will review Book 2, and eventually learn new notes in Book 3 by the spring semester. The week before a test, students will get their own set of flashcards to take home and study as homework.

You can learn more about Mr. Everybody's Musical Apartment by visiting the JM Music Website: http://hobart.schoolwires.com/Page/3190

Help Us Get Enough Instruments for Everyone!

We are trying raise funds to purchase instruments for our classroom. Our goal is to have enough barred instruments (xylophones, glockenspiels, metallophones) for an entire class of students- thanks to a recent grant from DonorsChoose.org, we are only 3 instruments away from this goal!

If you didn't get a chance to donate towards our last project, please consider donating towards our new one. You can donate $1 or as much as you are able- every little bit counts! Please consider sharing this link and help support music in OUR school!

You can view our project by clicking on this link: https://www.donorschoose.org/jmmusic