Career Investigation Project

By Jamie Babecka

Social Media Manager

A social media manager manages and grows a company's social media accounts and interacts with customers using these interfaces.

Skills Needed

  • In-depth knowledge of social media applications
  • extensive knowledge of the brand or company that you are working for
  • flexibility
  • creativity


A degree in communication or even journalism would be beneficial to a social media manager. These degrees can be obtained at almost any college or university including the University of Georgia.


  • In GA: an annual average salary of around $77,000
  • In the USA: an annual average salary of around $51,000

Job Settings

  • In an office.
  • On your smartphone or computer
  • Where ever the brand may need documenting.

Suited Personalities

  • Always up-to-date on the latest tech gadgets
  • Fresh, creative spirit
  • Willing to work long hours doing what you love
  • Able to keep a positive attitude when interacting with customers online

Career Stats

  • A search on found 6713 jobs in various cities across the nation in the field of social media marketing.
  • As stated above the annual salary is around $51,000 across the country.
  • Many paid and un-paid internships are available for you to gain job-related experience.
  • International Marketing Director: The average international marketing position would have a slightly higher salary because most international marketing jobs are given as a promotion to individuals already experienced in marketing.


The following are some websites that will be your best friend when you are trying to network:

1. Meetup is slowly becoming a household name among professionals, because it casts a wide net of opportunities to meet people with common hobbies and interests. For job-seekers, this site also offers industry-specific professional networking events. For instance, if you search "marketing," will find the nearest mixers specifically for marketing professionals. Feeling bold? You can also start and organize your own Meetup event.

2. Eventbrite offers an incredibly useful directory of events that are going on around you. It's a go-to website for countless associations and organizations that are looking to promote networking events and set up ticket sales. Click "Find events" at the top of the homepage to access various categories of events, including classes, conferences, social events, and businesses; you can even search for events exclusively designed for networking.

3. NetParty

Geared toward budding young professionals, is huge, with more than 100,000 members. And its venues are always cool: lounges, nightclubs, or mansions; no stuffy lecture or conference rooms. These networking events are more on the glamorous and festive side, though still not a bad way to meet new young professionals.

4. Women For Hire

This recruiting site for women hosts career expos all over the U.S.(in cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C.). These events are all free to attend as long as you come with a resume. Though it's possible to meet like-minded professionals at these expos, the main purpose is to connect talented, educated women with recruiters and hiring managers. It's more of a career fair than a mixer. claims to have more than 10,000 success stories from women who've attended these career expos.