Senior Care For Your Aging Parents

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When the aging process starts to affect your parents’ lifestyle and state of health in a negative way, it is time for you to find more about adult care, Ottawa, Canada, being an area where many residents consider this type of services as the best alternative for providing their loved ones the attention and care they need.
You do not have to see placing your parents in a special facility as a selfish act, but rather as an act of love, because they are safe there, they receive the care they need, they socialize and maintain their dignity and independence, something you could never have the time and the needs to offer them.
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A preliminary, complete physical and psychiatric examination of your parents is absolutely necessary before deciding on the long term care option that suits their needs. For instance, if they are impaired and they cannot take care of their daily necessities, like dressing up, preparing their food or grooming themselves, a nursing home is the best solution.
If they can perform some of these activities and they only need assistance with the laundry, the cleaning and the shopping, assisted living might be a better option, adult care Ottawa, Canada offer in this field being quite comprehensive.

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