Bobcat Pride Press

2021-2022 Volume 3 - Issue 4

Spirit Week

We are back together for a year of encouragement, perseverance and teamwork!

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On your mark...Get set....LEAD!!!

Things To Celebrate In October

Adam Feiler, 4th Grade

What Do You Celebrate In October?

Here is a list of things you can celebrate in October.

  1. National Chess Day Is 10/9

  2. Native American’s Day Is 10/11

  3. National Dessert Day Is 10/14

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Jokes, Riddles, And Trivia!

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Weekly Riddle

By: Adam Feiler, 4th Grade

You Can Touch Me, But I Can’t Touch You Back. You Can See Me, But I Only Reflect

Answer Will Be Revealed Next Week!

Last Week’s Answer: A Chalkboard

Weekly Puzzles And Brain Teasers!

By Adam Feiler: 4th Grade

Here Is Your Next Brain Teaser!

Can You Solve It?

This Week’s Theme Is Pumpkin Pie!

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5 Jokes

Tune in for more jokes next week!


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Bobcat Pride Press Links

By Adam Feiler 4th Grade

Have You Ever Accidentally Deleted An Email?

Missed A Bobcat Pride Press?

Now You Don’t Have To!

Below Is A Link To All Bobcat Pride Presses.

Bobcat Pride Press Links

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