The Automotive Industry

How High Oil Prices are Changing the Automotive Industry

High Oil Prices

The automotive industry has been changing over the past few years due to consumer demands, government regulations, and for striving for the newest and most innovating technology. High oil prices has been one of the main reasons for auto. manufactures to switch to alternative fueling such as hybrids and electric vehicles.
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Research Questions:

1. How have high oil prices have changed the auto industry?

2. How is the competition between U.S. auto manufacturers and foreign manufacturers pushing technological advances to create the best hybrid vehicle?

3. What is the current situation on hybrid vehicles?

How a Hybrid Engine Works |

Purpose Statement:

The automobile industry has drastically changed throughout time with new technology and many economical factors. This paper examines how oil prices have changed the auto industry in the past few years and how it created competition between manufactures and what the future of the auto industry is going to look like.
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My Findings and Conclusion:

The automotive industry and manufacturers are striving to be the best in the league by trying to create a more sophisticated and technologically advanced vehicle of the future with the use of alternative fuels. In the recent past, high oil prices drove hybrid and electric sales way up and opened up a large market of consumers looking to save a few bucks and to save the environment. In my conclusion it has been a long, rocky, uphill battle with development of these cars. Although research and development has slowed down a bit, in the near future it is bound to sky rocket to astronomical proportions with the future of our transportation.


When I was presented this project, I wanted to do research on something that would interesting and would not be as much of worthless task just to complete but and informational study where I could learn about something I am interested in. I came in this paper knowing quite a bit about hybrids but I learned a lot more useful information that I can use for the future. The process I took was to find a bunch of sources with credible and useful information, I then when back and reread all of them and extracted key components. To be frankly honest I hated using NoodleTools to take notes, I am more of a straightforward type of guy who just starts writing and goes on from there. It seemed to be a hassle and a waste of time for me, but once I organized the note cards into topics and exported it to word and clean it up a bit I was astonished and mind blown that it basically just wrote an entire 12 page paper for me. All I had to was clean somethings ups, organize a bit more and add in some transitions and bam! my paper was done. Fastest paper I've ever written. I would have to say using NoodleTools is kind of a pain in the beginning but it is well worth it in the end.

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