A guide to make a inspiration

A guide to make a inspiration from nature.

A guide to make a inspiration from nature

One of the most ways to arrange flowers is fill with many different plants like as flower vase which is often used within house. Salient character of this style is flowering-container is very beautiful and suit for both decorating indoor and outdoor house.

I will help you to create a purple flowering-container which will bring new light to your house. With some basic things and watering everyday, you will have a beautiful flowers to decorate . You can do easily with my directions. We will use vietnamese pottery pots and some kinds of flower to do . I think that you are curious about model which you will have after doing. This is model of yourself.

If you have some babies, growing trees will change air polluted, it is good for your health and your babies’s health. Nature is absolute beauty which bring an endless source of inspiration for human kind. You will feel the miraculous thing which is called “ life” when you grow at home. Don’t nervous status cover up you, please make a special space for staying. I will help you making a natural flowering-container which bring new vitality to your house with vietnamese pottery pots.

Onwing a suit container, you must have some trees to make flowering-pots like as flower vase. Nursing which we will use are purple Fountain Grass, Gartenmeister fuchsia, coleus, two varieties of zonal geraniums, blue bacopa, petunia, golden creeping jenny and heliotrope.

Order to arrange flowers : at center Gartenmeister fuchsia, surrounds: coleus, two varieties of zonal geraniums, purple Fountain Grass, near mouth of container :golden creeping jenny and heliotrope.

This is special combination which support together to bring sutble beauty for your house. These flowering-plants are annual flowers therefore they can bloom year arround to increase colors and need just only watering once time per day.

If you want to create flowering-containers like as picture. You must have a big vietnamese pots. There are many kinds of pottery container in same pottery manufacturer, if you are beginner, you should choose outdoor glazed pots or terracotta pots beacause these containers often stand change of weather well.

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