Visible Learners

Britannia Public School

Early Years Site Lead - Paddi Dumyn

Who does our Early Years team include?

Grade One and Kindergarten

Vaishali Trivedi, Alana Perkins, Kiki Kralidis, Kriselle Fernandez, Anisa Syed, Jo-Ann Dzis, Harkiran Garcha, Shawna Volkmann, Siobhan Mccausland, Rashida Saeed, Vicki Machete, Purti Kapoor, Bin Bin Jiang

Heather Vatcher, Instructional Coach

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Learning in the 21st Century

-classrooms need to promote skills in collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity

-need to move out of isolation

-requires strengthening of learning skills

-assessment drives instruction, so assessment must be able to measure 21st century skills

WHY is it useful to teach students how to communicate their thinking?

-how will this information help you?

-does this affect your teaching practice?

-does this affect your assessment?

OFIP Pre-activity

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Let's examine closely our pre-activity.

-share with your table your student's work

-what information can you gather from this?

-how can you use this information for assessment?

-was the student/s or group able to communicate their thinking?

-what questions do you still have?

Time for Planning

What do you need?


-long-range plans

What will you do?

-plan a lesson, or series of lessons in math

-the lesson will support the work of Making Learning Visible

-the lesson will support your growth in assessment, specifically using observations and conversations

-the object of the lesson is to encourage communication and thinking skills (i.e., think about using Marion Small's big questions). The math problem that you pose should have more than one solution or explanation so that it promotes higher thinking and communication skills.

-set your success criteria

-plan how you will assess the work (i.e., video, small group, etc.)

Other options:

-do you want to co-teach with a teaching partner?

We will look at your student/s or group work at our next OFIP on March 30th.

We will also be looking at some teaching strategies for how to promote communication and thinking skills so that your observations and conversations will be truly reflective of student understanding.

How did you find the OFIP session today?

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