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Are you bored of having those pillow fights and not having them blow up into a million feathers? Well you are in luck! Now Introducing the Boom Pillow.The improvement of the normal everyday pillow. We sell pillows for things like sleep overs or fun pranks. They are able to be refilled with feathers in your order. It is easy and quick to refill. There is no challenge with refilling your Boom Pillow. Just let it go boom and then just take the next bag of feathers and stuff it again. You can buy 100 bags of feathers for the small offer of $2.00. Lots of people have bought this product already. Even celebrities like Fetty Wap use it to prank other celebrities. Don't be the only one that doesn't have this pillow while you are pulling a prank war with your friends.Hurry up and Buy the revolutionary Boom Pillow.

Our Products are: Normal Boom Pillow Or Other Colored Boom Pillows.

Hurry up and buy a Boom Pillow

Tick Tock ..... BOOM goes the pillow! The clock is ticking! Get out there and buy the most wanted Boom Pillow!

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Fetty Wap Review!

"This pillow is best thing i have ever used on anyone for just plain hilarious pranks. I would keep buying them and I encourage everyone else to buy a Boom Pillow."