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April 14, 2015

I know math has been a HOT topic recently, so I decided to gather resources that you might be able to use for your math workshop. Stephanie and I are working on compiling tasks from Illustrative Math for you in a binder. We will be organizing the binder by topics and placing it on the table by the copier in the teachers' room . Our hope is that you can use this as a place to find research-based tasks related to your units of study.

I loved this article about Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn! It has great connections for our math workshops.

Have a wonderful vacation!


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Using Padlet in Math Workshop


I am excited to use this website with a group of fourth graders working on algebra after vacation. They are working on solving word problems using order of operations, so my plan is to have them show their solutions to problems on Padlet so that we can learn from one another.

I plan to give them the link to this problem on my Padlet and ask them to show their solutions. Each student will create a box with his or her name and then display their solution to the problem. Solutions can be created on Educreations or using paper and pencil first. Then students can take a picture of their work on their iPads and upload it onto the Padlet. I am excited to see how this works as a way for students to see the thinking of their classmates! Check back to the link after vacation to see how it goes. If you would like to try this in your own classroom, let me know!

I got the idea for using Padlet in math workshop from Franki Sibberson's blog.

Here's the link where she showed how she used Padlet in her third grade math workshop.

I've also used Padlet during read aloud for students to share their thoughts about a character or event in the book. There are many possibilities for using this site in your classroom!

Looking for Math Tasks?

Illustrative Math

You can search for tasks by grade level, cluster or by individual standard on this website. Steph and I are working to create a binder of these tasks for you in the teachers' room as a collection of instructional and assessment tasks.

Yummy Math

The best way to search for tasks on this site is to click on your grade level on the bar at the top of the page. For each grade level, you can drill down by selecting the content strand (geometry, fractions, etc.), you are working on.

You Cubed

You can search for tasks on this site by grade level, concept, mathematical practices, or math topic.

Formative Assessment Tasks for Grades 3-5 Shared by Karen Mayo

You can search for tasks on this site by grade level. On each grade level page, they have grouped tasks by cluster.

When you are looking for materials to supplement your lessons or for formative assessments, I would check out these sites!

Read Alouds in Math Workshop

Why should we use picture books to teach mathematics? This two part article from Scholastic has some great ideas for using picture books in your math workshop.

Math Games

Math Blogs

I found the blog Math Minds this weekend. Kristin is a 5th grade teacher who has amazing ideas about encouraging students to reason in math and explain their thinking! I love her math journals!

Tracy Zager has a very detailed blog with ideas related to her upcoming book Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You'd Had. She lives in Maine and uses ideas from classrooms in Maine on her blog!

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