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November 2014

What's been happening so far this year?

  • A chance to read about what's been happening with students taking action
  • Check out the beach clean up photos
  • Do you love Orangutangs? Help us protect this species-check out the calendar !
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The clean beach after 2 hours of cleaning- a job well done

Where: Southern District Shek O Back Beach- Saturday 18 October 2014 from 10am


23 participants including students, teachers, family, and Glenealy alumni

2 hours duration including briefing, clean up and learning debrief

Total # bags = 10

Estimate weight of trash bagged = 23kg

There was a lot more trash that had been collected by locals and gathered in

baskets, so we focused on the trash remaining on the beach. Volumes of wood

and other building materials were found, although we moved to one area and

excluded from the cleanup statistics. The intention being that locals will reuse in

other construction projects in the village.


Very few aluminum cans – assume higher rate of recycling?

High volumes:

Polystyrene – impossible to remove from the beach


Bottle caps

Single use plastic for take away food or drinks

Lolly pop sticks

Coffee stirrers


Plastic bottles – water and other storage for example detergent

Small dead fish!

Dominant brands:

Lays crisps

Marlborough cigarettes

Pocari bottles

Coca Cola bottle tops

Thank you to all that attended the beach clean up

A big THANK YOU to Melissa Shadforth for arranging the event.

We are looking forward already to our next challenge.

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We showed that we were caring when Glenealy........

Helping the orphans in Nepal

Thank you Glenealy for all your kind donations for the orphanage in Nepal

-Congratulations on your action Chamonix

It looked like an amazing journey!
Nepal Movie
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We were promoting being Green at the School Fair too.....

We had 100 x $100 discount coupons for ART JAM at art jamming for distribution to families who-Bring Your Own plates, cutlery, and cups or refillable water bottles.

  • We hope you got there early to get your coupon!

The green team would love to see any art done too if you were one of the lucky ones.

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Early Christmas presents - a time for giving

Support the Masarang Foundation

With Christmas just around the corner , there are lots of ethical gift ideas around. After her inspiring trip to Indonesia Mrs Sexton is very proud to announce that Glenealy this year will be supporting The Masarang Foundation (HK).

Early next year Arianne from the Masarang Foundation will come to Glenealy talk about some exciting projects. To get you excited and in the mood - The Masarang Foundation have created a calendar filled with photos of animals found around Indonesia. Mrs Sexton even appears in one of the pages!! If you would like to purchase one of these calendars please send $100 (cash) to Mrs Sexton 6S. All of the proceeds will be divided between the Sintang orang u tang Centre and Tasikoki Education and Rescue Centre.

We hope that Glenealy will support this foundation and THANKS!

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