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How To Buy A Violin

If you are a beginner, then there are high chances that you will buy a second hand violin. Purchasing the cheapest violin is not always the wisest decision. Neither is buying the most expensive violin like an antique Stradivarius. A beginner requires a good quality violin that is economical yet sturdy. Later, if you remain serious about playing, you can at least “trade-up”.

Before you venture out, even if you are thinking of taking an expert violinist or a music teacher with you, learn as much as you can about the violin. This way you will at least be knowledgeable about the various parts of the instrument. Ask your expert to tell you about the stroll, the neck, the string etc. A student violin should cost between $300 -$500.

Just like a car, there are different models of violins too. Today there are cheaper, mass manufactured violins that are available for rent and for sale. You may even find one for less or at a private sale or pawn shop, but choosing to buy the violin from a reputable shop will be the best option. Some people even have a 30 day trial policy.

When you are planning to go for violin repair or purchase online be sure to know about the dealer. Price quotes are important but there are factors that you should consider while buying a violin.

• Firstly be sure of the tone (accuracy of C major or D minor) and the power (acoustic strength) are excellent.
• The overall condition of the wood is very important.
• See if there is any sign of water or mildew, etc. You can put down the deposit and have the instrument examined by an expert. You also ask for how long the violin has has been in the store or pawn shop and if you can speak to the previous owner.
• Now if you are looking for violins for sale, you should also know that they come in different sizes and one size doesn’t fit at all. Although most of the adults have a full-sized violin (4/4), but if you want a violin for kids than there are ¾ sizes and ½ too.
• To decide the right violin for you, place the left jaw on the chin rest. You should be able to comfortably hold and scroll in your left fingertips, without touching your wrist and slightly trying to bend the elbow. You will know that it is at right position.
• There are many students, who plan to rent a violin than buying one. So if you are not a serious violinist then renting a violin of the high quality is a viable option.
• There are many reputable stores that are ready to cater the students by keeping violins on rental basis, be it for month to month, semester to semester or year to year tenures.
• Finally, try your violin with a superior bow. A great violin will sound totally scratchy if it doesn’t have a properly rosined bow. Buy the bow of the finest quality before buying a violin.

Hope this piece of knowledge would create a spark of selecting the right violin for all the ages. is the best place where you can buy violin shoulder pads and more.

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