catholic church

Josh Brown

The beginning of humanism

  • Catholic Church was offering indulgences, or the forgiveness of sins,( for money TO PAY FOR ST. PETERS BASILICA. Which is far more beautiful than any Protestant church. So Martin Luther broke off and that started Protestants. The Church has faced for twenty centuries, and now into the twenty-first: sin and evil are the two perennial problems the Catholic Church must face in every age.

The Reformation

The institution of the papacy underwent attacks by many Protestant reformers, including Martian Luther (Pope Leo X was the pope who planned the initial church reaction against Luther until his death in 1521), John Calvin, Thomas Cranmer and John Knox identified the Roman Papacy as the Antichrist.The Centuriators of Magdeburg, a group of Lutheran scholars in Magdeburg headed by Matthias Flacius, wrote the 12-volume "Magdeburg Centuries" to discredit the papacy and identify the pope as the Antichrist.

The Reformation