The 5 Family

By: Sage Montgomery


once there was a family of 6 people a mother a fater a son a daughter and a baby girl. One day the entire family got kicked out of there house because of their unpayed bills towards the house funds; so they went to go live in the rain forest.

Rising Action

So the family arrived at the rain forest they then had to go through many dangerouse parts of the forest. Their last opsical to over come was a bridge above alogators and crocidiles. So the family rushed across the bridge so they wouldn't get eatin.


They safely crossed the bridge but the big brother realized the handle broke on the baby carrier! The crocodiles and alligators swam up burst up through the bridge and ate the baby. The whole family was devastated they couldn't believe what had just happened. The mother waited outside for hours til night fell then the child's bones floated up. She then gave her a proper burial then the mother walked away.

Falling Action

That night the baby came alive and looked for her mother and found her asleep the child went to bed before the mother awoke... The next night the child came back woke her mother by asking " do you not love me now?" The mother screamed in horror in fear of her own child and then the child killed her mother one by one of the family got picked off by the baby and none of the people wo went there survived one night.


Now to protect the world from the child the forest was sealed off forever.