Most Beautiful Place In The Carriban

Kingstons Edibals

Hungry? Here is some amazing facts about jamaica's foods! Bar-B-Q is very famous there, they bar-B-Q almost everything. Jamaican food is not really jamaican food it is really a mixture of african, european, chinese, and indian food. one.. um not so kid friendly fruit is really piosones until it bursts open so dont eat! But one kid friendly friut is called the bread fruit it hangs low so kids can pick it. So come on down and try our food!


Jamaicas history, More about it! Jamaica was spanish for 150 years! The arwaks took over , and then died because of sickness... sad huh? they dance the limbo theyve done it for genarations! They also have a jazzy style of music called calypso. Now you know more about jamaica's history!

things to do in kingston!

If your bored here are some things to do! They play baseball, netball, cricket, and football. miss america? How about miss Jamaica! Christmas there is mostly about food! YUM! labor day, and natonal hero day there is very important!!!! ( credited photo Above),+Jamaica&hl=en&ll=18.037504,-76.80748&spn=0.186729,0.664673&sll=30.504378,-97.816861&sspn=0.186652,0.265732&oq=kingston,+j&hnear=Kingston,+St+Andrew+Parish,+Jamaica&t=m&z=11&layer=c&cbll=17.985264,-76.75066&cbp=11,0,,0,0&photoid=po-31215335


Want to go places, well read below!

Mountians there are very beautiful expecially the port royal mountians! They also STILL have an aquduct from the 17th century! also they have a baptising river. AND jamaica is 4244 square miles long. Make sure you visit these places!

EH' man Dis is jamaican!

leanrning jamaican is easy!!! they speak english, which is good for you! they have an acent because of their slavery. Their accent varys because of their education. They are also in a time warp, they still speak like shakespear. now you know how to speak jamaican!

DEAH weader !!

Get ready for a great vacation! The climate there is 75-85 degrees farinheight, 65 degrees at night. People have said it is always beautiful. Make sure you wear shorts. And it is always warm. Get your family down here pronto!


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