Glacier National Park

By: Emilia Larkins & Katie Lane

State Location & Region

Glacier National Park is located in Montana. The region it is in is the Rocky Mountains.It is also truly a fascinating park and would be great for a big and little family vacations.

Landforms of Glacier National Park

There are multiple land forms in Glacier National Park including u-shaped valleys, tarns, beautiful lakes, and majestic mountains.
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What visitors can do there & best time of year to visit

If you go to this wonderful park you are able to go hiking, back country camping, do ranger-led programs, guided tours, go to the Sun-Road, fishing, boating, and cross country skiing. The best time to visit this park is in the fall because if you go in the fall there will be a whole bunch of colors and it won't be so hot and it will be nice and cool there.

Why someone should visit the park

You should visit the park because there are Pinstine Forests, Alpine Meadows, Rugged

Mountains, and Spectacular Lakes. With all these places you can go fishing, hiking,

and camping. When you hike you could get a beautiful view of the lake, and if you go fishing and camping you could see and catch some very beautiful fish.

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More interesting facts

Some interesting facts about Glacier Park are ~110 miles of continental divide trail in a Glacier. ~ 175 mountains~ 131 named lakes~ Going to the Sun Road completed in 1932~

established as a park on May 11,1910~ over 700 miles a hiking trails~ you learn about the history of the park~ there are 71 mammals species~1,132 vascular and 858 non-vascular plants.

Types of plants and animals a visitor could see

Here are some wonderful types of plants like Glacier Lillies, Purple Asters, Pine Saps, Indian Pipes, and Clematis. There are different types of animal species in the park like Mountain Goat, Elk,Black Bear, Bobcat, Grizzly Sow,and Red Fox.
Glacier National Park Animals