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Be In the Know! -- February 2014

ArtSTOR - 1 million images, art and objects

If you love beautiful things, you'll enter ARTStor and never come out. It's a paradise of incredible art, objects, architecture, antiques, crafts, artefacts from historical periods and even 3-d renditions of historical sites around the globe. Enter first at school using our network, then set up your own account. With your own account you can save the images you like in categorized folders. This is just one of the many databases the library provides. Here is a complete of databases.

January New Resources List

World Data Analyst

Another SAAS Library Database

With World Data Analyst, users can create their own custom country comparisons by choosing countries and statistical parameters from approximately 116 data sets. See sample below.

Books as Medicine

As the Christian Science Monitor reported in their February 18th, 2013 issue, Doctors in Britain are prescribing books to patients with mental health issues. Thirty titles have been vetted for the prescription program and are available in all local public libraries. Similar programs already operate in New Zealand, Denmark and Wales. The Reading Agency, a British charity also encourages "people to use novels, poetry, and reading groups to feel better." There is growing evidence that self-help reading can help people with certain conditions to get better.

This months contest: Craft a library-related caption for the cartoon above.