News From Third and Fourth

Ms. Fayle's Room- November 17th, 2014

Learning in Our Room

Highlights from This Week's Sentence Hall of Fame

We read Knots on a Counting Rope by Bill Martin Jr. as our mentor text this week. Check out the sentences we wrote after learning about personification, ellipses, and similes in this book!

"The ocean touches my face...smooth like a waterfall...and I blow out its salty water."- Riley

"Uhh...the wind slaps my face...hard like bull's skin...and makes it difficult to breathe."-Seamus

"Yes, voices swing through my ears...sweet like music...and I hear them sing softly." Ava

Physical Adaptations: Camouflage

As part of our adaptation-themed Science Friday, students placed butterflies in "habitats" around our classroom. They camouflaged the butterflies so that they would be hidden from predators from other classrooms. Check out the pictures of our butterflies below!