Stanisław Samostrzelnik


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His Life

Not much is known about Stanisław Samostrzelnik's life. He lived from c. 1490-1541. His patron from a young age was Krzysztof Szydlowieki. He lived in the Kraków mansion of Cistercian Abbot of Koprzywnica. He originally studied at the Cistercian Abbey and eventually studied at the Danube School. His work used gothic style and a contrast of color. His main works were as an illuminator, where he illustrated texts. He decorated the prayer book of Princess Jawiga Jagiellon. He also painted Saint Stanslaus.

Samostrzelnik's -isms In His WOrk


Arches could often be found in his work which exemplifies classicism. Other Ancient Greek and Roman ideas could also be seen in his paintings such as columns and old architecture styles.


Samostrzelnik practiced realism because he depicted the natural world in his paintings. He did not always have people posing in his works but he showed them doing what they naturally do.

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