Owen, Isabel, Naomi, Evan, Elizah & Scotlyn

Isabel- Q & A

  • Why are Julianna’s feet so muddy? A: She plays soccer all the time.

  • Why does Juli like Bryce so much? A: She likes his eyes.

  • Why doesn't Bryce like Juli? A: She was too abrupt with him and she scares him.

  • Why is Juli sniffing Bryce's hair? A: She likes the smell (watermelon) and she is giving him answers to spelling tests.

  • Why doesn't Juli like Shelly? A: She always gets out of P.E. and she dated Bryce for a while.

  • Why was Juli in the paper? A: She wouldn't get out of her favorite Sycamore tree by her bus stop.
  • Why does Juli like watching her father paint so much? A: It is very peaceful and soothing.
  • Why does Juli love the sycamore tree? A: It makes her feel magical and alive.
  • Why doesn’t Bryce’s mom want to eat the eggs Juli gave them? She is afraid of salmonella and cracking open an egg and finding a baby chick.
  • Why is Bryce jumping so high? A: His grandfather came into his room without making a single sound.


Owen - Literary Luminary

Page Number

Page 11


"The first day I saw Bryce I flipped"

Type of Figurative Language


Explain what the author means

She got really excited and she “flipped out”

Elizah - Predictions & Inferences

I infer that that they Bryce and Juli will see each other again. Because Juli will still be obsessed with him.

I predict that Lynetta will find where Bryce is hiding and tell Juli.Because she has it out for him.

I infer that Juli will break out into a fight with Shelly over Bryce.

I predict that Juli will stop obsessing over Bryce in eighth grade.

I predict that Juli will win the science fair.

I infer that all of the chicks will hatch successfully for Juli.

I predict Juli will not get off the sycamore tree.

I infer that Bryce will get caught deposing the eggs.

I predict that Juli won’t have any roosters.

Scotlyn - Word Wizard

  • De-Yodeled- To make something be quiet, by doing something to it’s voice

  • Shredded- Something ripped up like shredded paper,newspaper,etc…

  • Misinterpret- To understand incorrectly

  • Unsolicited- Given or supplied without asking for it

  • Petrified- Feeling astonished, horrified, or other strong emotion

  • Salmonella- A bacteria or poison that can hurt you

  • Calisthenics- An art or exercise most gymnasts do

Naomi - Discussion Director

  • Why does mom not want to ask about Juliana’s eggs? A- Mom thinks it is not polite to ask about her personal eggs. pg.50

  • Why is dad annoying Bryce with chicken talk? A- He thinks his son is a wimp and is afraid of chickens. pg.59

  • Why does Juliana follow Bryce around? A- She is madly in love with him.

  • Why was Bryce questioning himself about Juliana? A- He felt bad about what he did to Juliana.

  • Why does Bryce’s grandfather stare out the window? A- He misses his wife.

  • Why does Bryce not want to climb the tree? A- The tree is tall and has twisted branches.

Evan- Story Mapper

1. Moves to current house.

2. Juli becomes obsessed over Bryce.

3. Juli wins the science fair with chicks

4. Cut down sycamore tree

5. Chickens start laying eggs

6. Bryce’s Grandpa comes to stay

7. Juli starts to give Bryce free eggs

8. Bryce gets busted for throwing the eggs away

9. Juli starts avoiding Bryce

10. Grandpa helps Juli