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Create a Wow Factor with Beautiful Stage Decoration on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are one of those extraordinary events in a person’s life that are full of beautiful memories and well-founded hopes for a happy future. It is that special day when a bride and a groom tie the eternal knot for the rest of their lives. It is a very important day not just for the wedding couple but also their families. Every wedding is unique in its own way and its originality and traditional significance is its biggest embellishment that shines throughout the wedding.

Considering the occasion, it is great to have a wedding where everyone is mesmerized by the theme and the grandeur of the marriage. One factor that makes all the difference to the grand event is the stage décor. The stage must be well prepared and well designed and in harmony with the wedding theme.

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan and culturally rich cities where only dream weddings can take place. A stunning stage décor and design would definitely bring all the attention on the wedding couple and make them look like a regal couple showered with all the divine blessings from heaven.

Here are some beautiful and dazzling stage décor themes that will surely amaze the guests at a wedding:

Traditional floral stage: This is the most charismatic yet one of the most fascinating stage décor themes that one can think of. The freshness of some of the best varieties of flowers brought from all over the globe combined with the mesmerizing colored lights make for a spellbinding wedding stage décor.

Satin drapes and crystals theme: This one is a dreamy combination of rich satin drapes along with a large collection of bright crystals that render a majestic look to the wedding stage.

Royal-style stage: The classic and original gold are used to design and construct the pillars and arches of the main center stage. Everything from the floor to the ceiling is given a royal makeover to bring out the majesty of the occasion.

Mystic pearly theme: An all-white background adorned with crystal white pearls makes the stage look very polished and sophisticated. The white ambience lends peace and majesty in the air and makes it look really stunning.

Fairytale stage: A slightly unconventional yet lovely wedding stage décor, the theme makes everyone notice the bride and the groom as the hero and the heroine of a fairytale. The theme includes white feathers and crystal balls hanging in mid-air along with dramatic laser lights that complete the whole fairytale look.

Beach theme: Another offbeat yet romantic theme, brings in an aura of happiness and romance symbolized by the overall décor. A stage set on the beach with tidal hues and a red carpet rolling down the sand makes the whole setting look surreal.

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