the unknowns of college campus

by: Steve Montanez

The Purpose!

The purpose the film was to inform us on how the college campus and deans would try to convince the victims not to tell or it was their fault that the rapist had done something to them. They would try and do anything to keep their reputation clean. the punishment they would give there student for this crime, is hardly even a punishment at all.


The documentary shows and give a very strong message on sexual assault and how the college deans and superintendents would only give the assaulter a slap on the wrist with petty punishments.
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The purpose of the film was achieved because their strategy of aiming at the big schools, with good reputations. Turns out those schools weren't so "great" after all. Another part of their method was to tell us the punishments the sexual assaulter would get. They hardly got any punishment at all to begin with. This is one of the many ways this film got the message out.
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Another reason on how they had achieved the purpose was their technique. Their technique served a major purpose to the film. It shows how these schools would protect there star athletes. Any accusation toward the players would automatically be dismissed. all these schools claimed they take "cases like this very serious." but yet nobody does anything, there is no charges.
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My final reason on how the film had achieved the purpose on sexual assault crime on college campus is the statistic. The statistic was a big eye opener. For every 161 prosecutions for rape is charged with making a false allegation. So basically no one is charged with rape. These schools really need to take charge and really look into these cases. They're sick and can ruin the lives of many students.
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My overall feeling after watching this film is getting the message out more. It had a great impact on my view of sexual assault. it needs to be taken more serious.