Module 4 - Sensation & Perception

Activities and Information for October 10th (sec 28)

INFORM: Moodle Desktop Refresher

Please make sure that you are using all the tools Moodle provides to help you stay organized and on track in your course. Click on the image to enlarge the photo - and take a look at some items you may find helpful!

INFORM: Your Pre-test for Module 4 is DUE Today!!!

Thursday, Oct. 10th 2013 at 11:45pm

This is an online event.

The quiz is OPEN, but must be complete by 11:55 pm.

Remember, the pre-tests do NOT count against your grade, but give a baseline from which to measure your progress.

INSTRUCT: Sensation & Perception

Please take time to watch the Developing Psychology segment for Sensation & Perception.

Sensation and Perception is the seventh program in the DISCOVERING PSYCHOLOGY series. This program unravels the complex process of how we see. You'll learn about visual illusions and what causes them, the biology of perception, the visual pathway, and how the human brain processes information during perception.

CELEBRATE: Student Government!

I am thrilled to see how many of you participate in Student Government programs - It is important for members of a group to be willing to take a leadership role - and your willingness to do so in your schools is great!

SGA participants in our class include: Jakala, Emma, Casey, Alberto, Carson, Sam, Madison, Whitney, and Caleb.

Well done!