Evergreen Community Update

September 28, 2020

Our Mission

Evergreen Middle School is a community dedicated to lifelong learning and the development of healthy, thinking, caring and productive world citizens.

Principal's Message

Hello EMS Community,

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend. With week three beginning, I'm hoping that your student has gotten into a routine and flow for their daily schedule. As teachers begin to dive deeper into academic content and push students to critically think more than ever, a daily routine will be key. If you haven't already, please look for student asynchronous work and/or applied learning to be posted for students to complete outside of classtime. Many students that I've spoken with have assumed that their school day is over after their 12:30 advisory class. Please help students to understand that teachers will be posting homework on their Google Classroom pages each day. Students should continue on and complete the posted work each afternoon after classes wrap up.

All core content teachers have Office Hours each day from 2:30-3pm. Students are encouraged to join the teacher's Google Meet link at that time if they need extra support or have questions. Each teacher's Office Hour meet link is posted on their Google Classroom.

Below you'll find more information about the current happenings around Evergreen. Be sure to check out our new clubs and opportunities for students at the bottom of the Newsletter.

Have a great week!

Mr. Gulley

Evergreen Principal

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This Week's Schedule

9/28 Core Classes & Advisory

9/29 Core Classes & Advisory

9/30 Elective Classes - NO ADVISORY

10/1 Core Classes & Advisory

10/2 Core Classes & Advisory

General Information

Click on the links below to view helpful information.

Chromebooks, Textbooks, Hotspots and Yearbooks

Overall, we've been able to distribute:

  1. 506 Chromebooks
  2. 42 Hotspots
  3. 276 Math Books
  4. 400 Yearbooks

If you find your student in need of any resource that would help to make their online experience successful, please let us know. We have someone in the office all all times during work hours.

Disregard the Hotspot Cycle Ending Message

Our hotspots are notifying families and staff that “Cycle ends September 25.” This means the hotspot is entering a new billing cycle - You will not experience any service interruptions. This will pop up monthly around the 25th.

IMPORTANT: Teacher Office Hours

Please encourage your student to attend their teacher's Office Hours if they need additional support. Each Core content teacher holds a 30 minute office hour session from 2:30-3pm each school day. All students need to do is go to the teacher's Google Classroom, click on their Office Hour link and join the live session.

It's an opportunity for students to get individual support as well as ask clarifying questions.

If a students misses class earlier that day, it's also a way to have their attendance counted as "present" for that day.

Textbook Return

If you have textbooks from last year, please drop them off at EMS at anytime. Beginning tomorrow, September 29th, we'll have a dropbox set up outside our main office door for students/families to drop off their old textbooks.

7th Graders, your former elementary teachers and staff are asking that you please return all of your textbooks (6th Grade CPM Books) from last year as soon as possible. You can drop them into our dropbox here at EMS and we'll return them for you.

8th Graders, please return all of last year's textbooks as soon as possible. We still have so many that have yet to be returned.

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When you look at attendance percentages, whether it is a school or individual, here is how it compares if you received a grade for attendance.

  • >95%=A
  • 93%-95%=B
  • 91%-93%=C
  • 90%-91%=D
  • <90 =F (Chronically absent)

So looking below at last week's attendance, we met our goal two of the five school days. Our goal is to reach the A level each day of each week. When students are in attendance, it makes everything run more smoothly.

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......................_____Join a Club_____...............................

Click on the link below to see different activities that our EMS counselors have created as a way for students to get involved in activities outside of their classes.


Evergreen Virtual Running Club

Calling all runners and walkers! Even if you are not a walker or runner, but you would like to

be a little more active and want some help along the way, this club is for YOU! Evergreen is

hosting a virtual running club this school year! Our goal is to encourage members to reach 100

miles by summer break.

Click on the links below for more information...



Middle School Theater Club

The High school theatre clubs and teachers are offering a virtual Middle School Theatre Club (MSTC). We look forward to seeing those of you who would like to enjoy some creative fun as a part of the new Middle School Club. Our first virtual meeting is at 4:00 pm on Tuesday. Below is some information to get you started.

Join the Google Classroom set up for this club – code zhf3e3r. Meeting and performance information will get posted there.

Hope to see you soon!

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Student Lunch Hangouts - For Students Looking to Connect

COUNSELOR LUNCHES can be accessed via the 7th and 8th grade counseling classrooms at 1pm using the link in the banner.

Mondays and Fridays, grade level counselor lunch for open socialization.

Tuesday: Ms. Russell read aloud with time to discuss if desired. ALL welcome. We are starting this week with Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish (see below)

Thursday: Q lunch (students can email Ms. Russell or fill out the Q lunch survey to get the code)


Marcus Vega Doesn't Speak Spanish

Staff Weekly Communications

In an effort to streamline all communications going to families, weekly staff messages will be attached to my newsletter each week. Please click on the necessary links below to access weekly information from your student's teachers. This is great way to keep up to date with important information as well as what's coming up in classes each week.

Team Deschutes Weekly Commuications - 7th Grade

Mr. Sherwood

Mrs. Lawson

Mr. Kottkey

Mrs. Hicks


Team Columbia Weekly Communications - 7th Grade

Team Rogue Weekly Communications - 7th/8th Grade

Team McKenzie Weekly Communications - 8th Grade

Mr. Yabu

Mrs. Tanedo

Mrs. Valadez

Mr. Harrington

PE/Health Weekly Communications - 7th/8th Grade

Ms. Duncan

Mr. Sahlfeld

Electives (Art & Technology) Weekly Communications - 7th/8th Grade

Mrs. Grant

Mr. Debeljak

Mrs. Sylvester Weekly Communications - 7th/8th Grade

Evergreen Middle School

EMS serves over 750 students in the 7th and 8th grades. EMS feeds students into Glencoe High School. For information on the social or academic offerings at EMS please visit our website or contact our fantastic school counselors - Beth Russell or Carol Anderson.