To Kill A Mockingbird Project

Hannah Holguin p5 5/20/16

Allusion 1: "Enclosed by this barricade was a dirty yard containing the remains of a Model-T Ford (on blocks) pg.228

Meaning: The Model-T-Ford is an inexpensive and reliable car that could be mass produced.

Reason Allusion Is Used: This allusion helps the reader visualize how the Ewell's lived and what their place looked like. This allusion also helps the reader realize that Mr.Ewell doesnt care about what he lives in or where he lives and that he just spends all his money on alcohol.

Effect: This allusion is included to show that Mr.Ewell is not respected because of the way he lives.

Allusion 2:"Mayella sounded like a Mr.Jingle in a book I had been reading." pg.244

Meaning:Mr.Jingle is a green coated stranger who speaks in broken sentences.

Reason Allusion Is Used: This allusion explains how Mayella Ewell sounded like when she was describing her side of the story during the trial. It shows the reader how nervous and frightened Mayella is during the trial.

Effect: This allusion is included to show how the impact of the court case effected Mayella Ewell's emotions.

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