all about me

by erick

my family

I live with my two sisters Rebecca and Karla and my mom and dad.I'm 8 years old.My mom and dad always play with me and my sisters in the snow in winter and summer.Me and my sisters play on the Wii.

my favorite memory

My favorite memory is when I went to Mexico and played with the dogs and when I went to meet my grandma and went to her house and I looked at the other buildings in new Mexico last year.I went the fair this year in mexico and we went to a party.

my goals

My goals are

  • to pass 3rd and 4th grade
  • to be a youtuber with Jonny and christopher
  • to go disney world and legoland
  • to go to china
  • to be a teacher when I grow up

my interests

My hobbies are playing soccer with my friends at school and playing with my family at my house. My other hobbies are playing with my friends and swiming.My favorite animal is a wolf and my other favorite animal is a lion.My favorite holiday is Halloween,Thanksgiving and cristmas.