Jordan Donahoo

PreK-4th/Special Education

Getting to know me!

Hello everyone, I'm Jordan, and I love young children. I grew up in a big family with two older sisters, a younger brother, and many cousins who live close to me. My love for children first began when my niece Emma was born, I was 10 at the time and was so excited to teach her things. As a teenager, I would often babysit the younger children of my neighborhood, and some family as well.

I can't wait for my very first day of teaching. As a person in a generation full of technology, I can only imagine what it will be like in when I am ready to teach. I want my students to take advantage of technology, but I also want them to get their hands a little dirty. A goal of mine is to show kids that it is okay to explore new things inside and outside of the classroom. I do not want my students to be learning from an iPad or computer. Young children are energetic and I want them to release all of their energy and learn at the same time, and in my opinion, that can't be done sitting playing a math game on the computer. I also love to bake, so if my classroom allows it, I want to get my students to bake as well, because it can be a very creative process.

Although I feel okay about writing, I am not a huge writer. I prefer to curl up on the couch, and put my nose in a good book, or sit outside and enjoy the day with my dogs. I love mystery novels, as I always try to figure out who did it before the end (I never really get it right), but every once in a while, I read a good love story. I learned to write from my absolute favorite English Language Arts teacher I have ever had. Her name was Mrs. Hess in the second grade. She inspired her students to write about whatever they wanted instead of following a rubric. I remember coming up with some pretty crazy stories, but Mrs. Hess loved every single one of them and pushed me to write more.