Parenting Simplified

This special offer comes only once a year!

Does worrying about your teen or tween keep you up at night?

Everyone talks about that parenting manual that didn’t come with their child. It’s a lot simpler to write than you think, and I will help you write yours and put it into action. The key is to simplify.

3-for-2 Parenting Simplified

"3-for-2 Parenting Simplified" will give you a jumpstart to getting the results you want. This special offer gives you three sessions for the price of two. What will you accomplish?

Results for you:

* be more confident, consistent and able to set and maintain reasonable limits

* worry less and stop second-guessing your decisions

* have more energy and peace of mind

* have more confidence in your child

* see your relationship with your child and partner transformed

Results for your child:

* more cooperative and responsible behaviors

* better able to resist peer pressure and substance abuse

* higher self-esteem

* discover and build on strengths

* become a problem-solver and a leader

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This time-limited offer comes to you just once a year, and expires July 23. This is a special, no strings attached program for you to experience the magic of parent coaching.

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