Slave Narrative

Richard Toler


Richard Toler lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and was a slave owned by George Washington Toler and Lucy Toler. He lived most of his life on a 500-acre farm. He ended up being a blacksmith, a stonemason, and a carpenter. Of the three, he was a blacksmith the longest, around 36 years. After the civil war, he was freed in 1937 and ended up getting married 3 times, and had 6 kids. He also bought a fiddle and could play it well.

Not-so-Fun Fact!

The reason Richard was married 3 times is because his first 2 wives died. His third wife ended up being the one to give birth to all of their children.


Richard was never whipped by his masters. Whenever they tried to whip him, Richard would run away into the woods. Richard said if they ever did whip him, that he would kill them. Sadly, Richard has seen some slaves whipped to death.

His Parents

Richard and his parents took their last name from their owner, as well as most other slaves.


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