Update From Paris Elementary School

November 24, 2020

Return to School-Monday, November 30th

Dear PES Families and Friends,

We have been cleared to return to school on Monday, November 30th. All in-person students will be returning on this day.

Please send your child with their chromebook and the chromebook charger as these devices need to be returned to school on Monday. Students will be using the chromebooks in the classroom. Teachers will help children learn how to use the chromebooks to access their learning in the event of a school closure.

We will send the chromebooks home with your child if we need to move to remote instruction again at any time this year.

Please be sure to use the Symptom Screening Tool each morning prior to sending your child to school. This screening tool was shared in the newsletter yesterday.

Lori Pacholski

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Updated Guidance on Masks/Face Coverings In Schools

Please see the following guidelines regarding mask breaks while at school. The most significant change for schools is that students will now need to keep their masks on while at recess even if they are 6 feet apart.

Per the Govenor- Increase structure around mask breaks:

In addition to the time during which students may be eating or drinking with a minimum of 6’ physical distancing, school staff should offer only highly structured and well-supervised mask breaks during the school day. Such mask breaks should be limited to 5 minutes each, up to a maximum of 15 minutes per day. Breaks should take place in a classroom cohort when possible.

During mask breaks, individuals:

  • Must be stationary, ideally seated – or standing still if outdoors.
  • Mask breaks should no longer take place during free-play/recess.
  • Must be at least 6 feet from one another
  • Should be facing the same direction
  • Should not engage in conversation or other activity that could spread the virus (silent reading or a writing prompt or other individual activity is ideal).