A Peek at Our Week

Mrs. Janich's 1st Grade

Notes from the Teacher

Important Dates and Notes

12-22 Ronald McDonald 1:00pm

12-23 Grinch Day (Wear green and a Santa hat) & Winter Party (snacks)

12-24 through 1-3 NO SCHOOL Winter Break

1-15 End of 2nd Quarter & Falcon Frenzy Assembly

1-18 No School

This will be the final newsletter before break! Have an amazing Christmas with your family!!


Unit 4- Summarize and Synthesize/Analyze Story Elements

During Unit 4, students will analyze story elements- characters, setting, problem, and solution. Recognizing these elements, will enhance readers understanding of the story. It will also help them to create their own stories.


Exploring Equations

Module 4 uses Unifix cubes throughout. Students have opportunities in the first two sessions to write addition expressions and compare equations within the range of 0 to 120. Later in the module, students engage in activities that highlight the “difference model” of subtraction. The final session encourages students to explore part-part-whole relationships to develop and solve subtraction equations in which the subtrahend is missing.

Spelling Words

Final Digraph -ck

Spelling words for the week when we return are:

1. deck

2. stick

3. sock

4. neck

5. black

6. trick