Blake Lindsey

my destination is Paris France. I want to go to France because it has the Eiffel tower, fancy restaurant, they have all different kinds of things to do there!

It will take me 9 hrs and 51 mins to get to Paris France. Paris France is 5,021 miles from Houston Texas. I will take my whole family and i will take Julian Hayden and Dakota. I will get to Paris France by plane but its going to be really crowded in the plane because everybody is going to Paris France. I will stay there 3 weeks because I don't want to stay there forever.

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I will be staying in Hotel residence Foch. You can eat sleep then eat again. I will need to pack clothes that's enough for me to stay there for 3 weeks my phone my charger my headphones and thats it.
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It will cost 2,570 euros to stay at Paris France. I will be lodging in hotel residence Foch. I will only be spending money to get in to the hotel. I will not need to spend any money of food because the food is free to eat you don't have to pay anything to eat there food.


I will be going to there pools I will be going to do all there tourist attractions because it is going to be a blast for me! Things to do there are go see the moulin rouge show in Paris and I am also going to be doing Normandy d-day beach trip, and i will do Versailles and Gerny day trip. There unique things are Eiffel tower, and bungee jumping, and bike day tour.
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