Vietnam War

A war to start or end comunnism

Why Is It About Communism?

The U.S. forces wanted to communize France and Russia and China but France and Russia said no but the chinease couldn't do any thing about it.So they quit and France and Russia joined forces to fight against U.S.A.
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The simarlarites of the war now and back then is that would be fighting about something they think is right.Some people say the war now is good for some but bad for others.Also the war now and back then is that we would fight for just one of are Americans.
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The war now Is that they would be fighting about one of are people being killed by there culture to make us have and if we didn't we all would be enslaved.Also now we fight about some people bombing some states.And that the war now is some states are teaming up to fight against use just to kill us for something.
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