Pennslyvania Tax Dollar

By: Nick Clark

What is a Tax Dollar?

According to Cambridge Dictionary "Money collected in taxes, often used to talk about government spending: federal/local/state tax dollars The campaign was funded largely through local tax dollars. The sign at the construction site reads, "Your Tax Dollars At Work"."

Why this needs to Stop.

The government is taking the taxes out of our pay. Mind you our pay is what we worked hard for and we need to support our families. They are using this money to build pipeline in North Dakota and many people are protesting this because it is not fair.
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Why should we say NO!

This should be a no brainer they are using our money for things that are not needed or WANTED. If you agree or feel any way like I do lets get a petition going and stop this madness.
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Sign this and we can stop this as ONE!

My information

Nicholas Clark

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