Parent Newsletter - August

Welcome! - Bienvenidos!

Hello from Room [ ]!

I will be teaching Visual Art at [high school name] this year. I look forward to working with your child and sharing their artwork with you!

Hablo español. Por favor llámeme si tiene preguntas. Mi teléfono es [ ]

  • Please take a minute to complete the parent survey located at
  • I have sent out a packet for you to read, sign, and return to me detailing rules and procedures. There is also a consent form so that we can upload your child's artwork to the student gallery!
  • Please check the classroom blog for news!
  • If your child misses school, all handouts and presentations are included in this section:
  • If you want to demonstrate art and crafts techniques in the class, I would love to have you! Please contact me.
  • I have experience working with Special Education students and I am happy to modify assignments and incorporate your suggestions.
  • I am a practicing artist and below there are examples of my work. In future newsletters, they will be replaced by student artwork.

Some rules...

  • All work will be graded according to a rubric. Students will be provided with a handout of learning objectives and requirements for each project. You can also find these at
  • We follow all school's policies. Contact me if you need a copy of the handbook.
  • Students may not take any materials home unless they have my written permission.

Contact me!

I appreciate your feedback and it makes me a better teacher! Please feel free to call me or e-mail me with questions, ideas, concerns, or just to check-in. Check out the student art gallery!