Mammoths found in Waco

over 16 found

Mammoths in Waco

it's 1990 and yesterday archaeologists found two more fossil remains of mammoths in Waco. This adds to the collection of the 14 previous fossils already found. Scientists have just discovered what they eat, how big they are, and how it effected the ecosystem when they died. Scientist, Joey Paul, has just informed us here at Big Time Gold magazine that the mammoths were a big part of growing and maintaining plants. Joey told us that the seeds of many plants would stick to their hair and fall as they migrated and he also said that when they went extinct plants that they ate took over till there was a new population to eat them. They have just started to remove the ones out of the dig sight and we will be able to give you more information when we get it.

Religion Reacts

Today we are talking to Martha Polar a local volunteer at Waco Christian church who has something to say about the new discovery.

Reporter: Tell me your thoughts on the new found fossils.

Martha: I personally believe that it could not be true due to the fact that mammoths were supposedly found before life on earth.

Reporter: but now we have real evidence do you still believe this is to be false?

Martha: regardless of your evidence i still do not believe in the theory of evolution.

Reporter: Do you not believe in it for humans only or animals too, because we have seen evolution in animals through out the years.

Martha: i don't believe in it either way even if you have seen it happen but truly you have not seen it you are going off of data you collect from bones that is not true.

We have come to a conclusion that some churches are not happy with this discovery of coarse we can not interview everyone so this is not 100% that all churches are non believers in this discovery.

What science has to say

Scientists are very existed about this new discovery and are in the process of building and connecting the bones for view very soon. Some scientists although they don't believe the theory of evolution is true, it is still a remarkable discovery to find. They are now working on turning the ravine into a national park to preserve and keep the fossils safe. It will take time, but soon everyone will be able to come and see the great discovery, once the fossils are restored and it is turned into a national park.