Science Temp. and Precipitation

Garret Greenfield

Fun Facts

• The 20th century had a lot of interesting changes.

• 1998 was the warmest year on record.

• In 1941-42 a Chinese drought causes 3 million people to perish due to starvation.

• Great Midwest Flood along the Mississippi and its tributaries caused $18B in damages. Considered to be greater than a 500 year flood event.

• Great Okeechobee Flood and hurricane kills up to 3500 people.

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January Precipitation

Between the months of November, December, and January, January was the coldest.
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January Temperature

The precipitation in January was the most compared to November and December.


Northwest Iowa in the winter has cold temperatures and fairly high amounts of precipitation.

Grandpa was Right

The statement trying to be proved was that it was cold in the winter months, and that is true. It has stayed fairly cold and about at a steady rate from 1895-2014.