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This is a GREAT business opportunity! Sign-up is completely FREE and there are NO KITS TO BUY......although you will have the OPTION to do so if you choose to at a later date.. Nothing to buy NOW! As a Meredith Lilly Independent Consultant... you will be offering a selection of... Specialty Gifts for the EVENTS OF A LIFETIME. Most are available for personalization. You will get your own replicated website in the near future once we launch. Meredith Lilly Inc offers a fresh approach to Direct Sales Marketing! No minimum Sales, No monthly quotas! You make money on your downline even if you have no sales yourself!!! Don't miss out! Contact me for more information before it's too late! Become an Honorary Founding Consultant if you join NOW. You will get special perks for being a Founding Consultant! Please visit the link below to sign up and enter my name, Trisha Bowman, as the person who referred you. Friend me if you join or message me with questions! If you’re not interested in this great opportunity, maybe you know someone who needs a fresh start. Help a friend or two and pass this on! They’ll thank you!

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Are you looking for a new Direct Sales Company? Then, why not join my Meredith Lilly team? Our official slogan is “Events of a Lifetime” the meaning behind this is, we want to provide gifts and accessories for those “Events of a Lifetime”, a birth, a wedding, a graduation! The days that are so important in each of our lives, that they are truly, our “Events of a Lifetime”! Would you like to join a company in their PRE Launch stage?? There are only ABOUT 350 consultants nationwide!! You can join absolutely FREE!! No minimums and no quotas even to receive override on your downline!! This company is going live in a few weeks so join today and you will receive special perks and be a founding consultant!! Go to and put my name,(your name here) as the person who referred you!!! Friend and Message me when you join so I can add you to our facebook group so you can be up on all the updates of the company and the launch! Hope to see you on the team soon!
More Information on the Company!!
Meredith Lilly Inc. was founded in 2012 by President Cindy Meredith. With 20 years of business Management and Leadership experience, prior ownership in brick and mortar retail stores, and 15 years of direct sales experience, Cindy felt the natural next step in her life was to launch a direct sales company that was remarkably different than most currently in business. Cindy is also a Certified Master Life and Business Coach which has given her the opportunity to help individuals and businesses build and implement game plans for success. After much thought, planning and research, Cindy asked friend and business colleague, Stacy Reese to join her as the Company's Vice-President. When Stacy accepted the offer, Cindy felt the time was right to begin introducing Meredith Lilly Inc to others.

Meredith Lilly's mission is simple: to provide individuals with the opportunity and tools to own their own businesses as Meredith Lilly Independent Consultants. For Consultants this means very nominal (and at times no) fees to join as well as the freedom to market their business and sell products in the manner of their choice. Consultants can sell solely online via their replicated website or sell through a combination of parties, personal shopping consultations and/or online. The purchase of a starter kit is optional, with pre-arranged kits offered as well as the opportunity for Consultants to build their own kit by purchasing products of their choice at heavily discounted prices. Kits may be purchased within 30 days of enrollment, which offers the ability to gain product knowledge in order to ensure that a Consultant receives the products that they feel will benefit the start of their individual business the best. At this time there are no sales quotas required to remain a Consultant, the only requirement is that Consultants maintain their replicated website, which upon launch will cost between $8-$10 per month. Overrides on a personal recruits sales will be part of the official compensation plan. In order to receive these each month, there will be very low (if any) sales requirements. Meredith Lilly strongly believes that their Consultants are the most important part of the company's success and therefore intends on offering and implementing Company procedures that benefit both the Consultant and Meredith Lilly so that a team mentality is created and Consultants are recognized for their contributions to the team. Examples of this are: never losing an achieved title, becoming a Manager once a specific number of consultants are recruited and as a Manager, working closely with Home Office as a member of the elite Managers group to help establish company protocols (ie. training) and then follow through with your team regarding said protocol(s), be a resource out in the field helping corporate by communicating concerns and wishes of consultants and customers in order to help Meredith Lilly address them and therefore increasing the success of everyone.

When it comes to customers and our vision, we wish to create a unique and enjoyable shopping experience for everyone. As you may know, our tagline is "events of a lifetime". Once it was decided that a new direct sales company would be founded, finding the right products and manufacturers was what took the longest amount of time in regards to beginning to build the business. We truly feel that we have the most exciting and unique combination of products in the world of direct sales! While we offer a plethora of items that our customers will greatly enjoy purchasing for themselves, we also offer the largest variety of items that will make the perfect gift for the milestone events in peoples lives such as having a baby and getting married! Our products will appeal to both men and women and because we have such a great range of prices, there will always be items to fit any budget! We put products that can be found in several different specialty stores all in one place. We want your customers to think of YOU first when they need a special gift or feel like buying themselves something trendy and unique!

Meredith Lilly Inc. is still in the very early part of the Pre-launch stage. There are many policies, plans and other behind the scenes work that need approval in order to ensure their legality. However, many of the important things regarding the Company have been finalized such as which products to carry, software to implement, etc. President Cindy Meredith had this to say "I felt the time was right to introduce the opportunity to others. Although we are not ready for websites to go live yet, I wanted to generate interest and allow those interested to join for free and earn the honorary title of "Founding Consultant. There is no doubt in my mind that those who are patient and experience this process with us will ultimately be very successful. While we are all waiting to go live, my hope is that our Founding Consultants will give us helpful input when we ask their thoughts on specific topics, will begin learning about our products, begin training on the "Meredith Lilly way" and share their stories with us so we can get to know them and develop important relationships.

New Direct Sales Company in pre-launch phase, this is a GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY - don't miss out, you can be a FOUNDING CONSULTANT. Join for FREE! put (Angela Doster ) as referral. I will add you to our facebook group as well so you can get more information.