Your Consultant Status is at Risk!

How can I help?

One party away from staying active!

You probably just got an email from Thirty-One about this. In case you didn't, I wanted to touch base and give you some more details and offers of help!

Your consultant status is at risk this month! What does that mean? It means that if you want to remain an active consultant, you need to have $200.00 in Personal Volume (PV) in a rolling three month period. That is ONE PARTY! If you are the host of this party, remember you will get $25 in free products, you can get one item at 50% off and you can purchase one Hostess Exclusive! You also will earn $50 in commissions on a $200 party!

We are looking at May, April, and March -- when your PV adds up to $200 over those three months, you are good to go for the next month! You might need just a little bit or the entire $200. If you do not know where to look for that information, let me know and I can help!


Most of the time, Consultants become at risk for one simple reason and that is that they don't have catalogs. I am here to help! Do you want to JUMP START their business with a business PARTY PACK. Let's say you're wondering if this Thirty-One thing is for you, but you do not want to buy 25 catalogs and 50 order forms. I have the answer! I want to make it EXTREMELY EASY to get a handful of catalogs and business supplies in your hands so that you can JUMP START your business.

For $10 you get mailed to you:


This is below your cost! I want to invest in you and your business. Therefore, you can get a JUMP START PACKET once a catalog season! However, if you are local to me, you can always come pick up supplies a la carte at my house.

One $40 order and you have gotten back your $10 investment. However, here's what I would do with this set! This is enough for TWO simple catalog parties. Get two friends and offer to give them the chance to get FREE products when they share their two catalogs around with their other friends. Have them collect at least $200 in orders each. You've just turned that $10 investment into $100! Take that $100 and invest a bit into MORE catalogs from Thirty-One. Book some home parties and/or more catalog parties off of those catalog parties and by using your "Who Do You Know" list and you are off and running!

If you want this set, PayPal me your $10 (you accept fees) at this website: I'll send out your JUMP START PACKET right away! They are ready to go!
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Why stay active this month?