Ray of Hope

Medical Missions

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What's the need?

The purpose is to help kids that need medical attention in other countries. Americans travel to other countries and bring the children back to the US to give them the life saving surgeries that they do not have access to in their countries.

What do they do about it?

They bring the children with sever medical conditions over to the United States. Doctors then voluntarily perform the surgeries so that no cost is involved. The organization pays for all of the travel expenses.

Where is it?

It is located in Ft. Wayne but it travels internationally.

When was it started?

It was started about four years ago by Rebecca Gent.

Why did she start it?

She used to be a part of a similar organization, but broke off because she wanted the organization to be more religious based. She then founded this organization.

Where does the money go?

It goes toward travel expenses for the children. The money goes 100% to the need of the children.

Alike organizations

Samaritans Purse- They go to the country instead of them coming to the US.

Hands of Hope

Additional Information


We are a not-for-profit organization that organizes and secures medical visas and passports, free transportation, life-saving care and medical procedures for medically-deprived children from underdeveloped nations. Select children will be provided with all the necessities required to obtain medical care in the United States that would not otherwise be available to them. Once healthy, these children will return to their families. All medical care and financial expenses will be 100% covered by donations, pursuant to medical visa terms.

The desire to do more led to the creation of this organization. We are made up of 5 board members, and 6 advisory board members, most of whom have had the privilege of being a host family to a child in need. We are committed to providing care to the children selected while in the US. We are also committed to providing resources to their families back home to ensure that they are able to provide for their children once they return."