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Week 13 update: November 16th - November 20th

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Hi Parents,

Many thanks to Mrs. Raymond, Mrs. Wilson, and Mrs. Wright for running our Art Adventure this week. The students had a great time learning about the impressionists and art through the ages. Our students were very excited to see new and familiar paintings and then get a chance to paint and show their own impressions. These came home in the mailboxes today for you to keep and enjoy!

Just a reminder for over the break... the students have been asked to read one of the 2016 Rebecca Caudill nominees. They picked their books last week and started reading them to get a head start. Our goal is to finish the book during break. They will be presenting their book to the class through an informal Book Talk. We will prepare this at school, so their only "homework" is to read the book. And, of course, enjoy reading!

Have a wonderful, safe, and happy Thanksgiving!

Ms. Collins and Mrs. Cucco


This week we took some time to review decimals. We discussed place value for decimals and their importance and relationship to fractions. Students are beginning to see the excitement of learning from their mistakes and the satisfaction of working hard to achieve success in math. Below is a list of the learning targets we studied this week.

  • Express fractions, division expressions, and mixed numbers as decimals.
  • Rename fractions and mixed numbers
  • Add mixed numbers with and without renaming.
  • Subtract mixed numbers with and without renaming.
Supports for Students - D28 Family Math Connections

Click here to access the math links.

Reading Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop, the students learned about the last fiction Sign Post, Memory Moment. This is a part in a book when the author interrupts the action to tell you a memory.

When a reader identifies this, he should ask the question, "Why is this memory important?" The answers will tell us about the theme and conflict or it might be foreshadowing what will happen later. We used an excerpt from the book, Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer to help us identify this signpost.

We finished learning about each of the signposts. We will continue to discuss these all year. Today, students took a quiz through the tech tool, Thinglink that had different Disney movie clips to help them identify each of the six signposts. They really are pros now!


This week in writing students spent time learning about smilies, metaphors, and "show don't tell". They used theses strategies as well as vivid verbs, descriptive words, and alliterations to describe the turkeys that they "dressed" for Thanksgiving. These turned out great and they are making great decorations for our 5th grade hallway!


In Science, the students presented their Environmental Project. They could work individually, with a partner, or a group of three. Overall, the students worked well together and divided their work equally. Some students chose to present using Google slides, iMovie, Powtoons, and Keynote. The presentations were all very enjoyable and showed how much the students learned about their topic.

After break we will switch back to Social Studies and begin to learn about the United States Government.

Science Lab

This week in Science Lab, they discussed how the water we use is cleaned and recycled over and over again. They completed an experiment after learning the story of "Freddy the Fish". On Freddy's journey to the river, he encountered several kinds and sources of pollution. The students were hired by a water treatment plant to design "filters" to clean out the water by using a plastic water bottle, cut in half. They used their time constructing the filter and then sampling the contaminated water. The students learned that our cities' water treatment is an intricate and necessary process that continually purifies our water so that it can be used by people for drinking, cooking, and more.

Second Step

This week in SEL we discussed "Disagreeing Respectfully".

The students read scenarios to practice with a partner and learn how to disagree respectfully. Students learned that they don't necessarily have to solve their disagreement, they can agree to disagree.

Ask your Student about:

• Sign Post Disney Quiz

• Winter Sing Tech Crew

• Other people's Ecology projects and inventions

The Bee Movie

Art Adventure

• Second Step

Things to come:

  • Monday, November 30th
  • School Resumes

  • Friday, December 4th
  • Report Cards Distributed

  • Tuesday, December 8th
  • PTO Meeting- 8:45 am

  • Friday, December 11th
  • 5th Grade Winter Sing- 12pm
  • Cookie Walk

  • Tuesday, December 15th
  • School Board Meeting- 7pm

  • Friday, December 18th
  • Holiday Party- 2:45pm
  • Winter Break Begins

  • Monday, January 4th
  • School Resumes