The Struggle Is REAL!!

Geography of Afghanistan

  • Located in Asia
  • Pacific and Indian Ocean
  • Capital: Kabul Others are small cities and towns
  • 251,825 sq miles
  • Important Landforms: Hindu Kush, Pamir Mountains. Mostly mountains
  • Natural Resources: Gold, Copper, Lithium, Uranium, Iron ore, Cobalt
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Economy of Afghanistan

  • International Assiatance, Investments as well as remittances from afghan expats.
  • Exported: Raw Cotton, Grapes, Scrap Iron, Insect Resins. Imported: Peat Wheat Flours, Cement, Vegtable oil.
  • Currency: Afghan Afghani.

Goverment of Afghanistan

  • Presidental System.
  • President (Ashraf Ghani)
  • Suicide Bombers
  • Enemies: USA Allies: Pakistan, Other crazy people
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  1. Taliban kill Afghan landmine cleaners
  2. Taliban ranp up fatal attacks on afghan
  3. Withdraw of U.S. Troops from Afghan

Social Structure

  • Ismaelis And Shiites (Lowest) Sayyeds (Middle Class) Pashtuns (Best)
  • Muslim
  • Pashtuns, Tajik, Uzbek.
  • Male 58.6 Female 60.8
  • Dari - Pashto Language
  • K-12 and higher education (So they say)
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