Printing Press Advancements

Ivan King

Geographical Diffusion of Columbus' First Letter

Due to the Printing Press, the First Letter was able to travel from Lisbon to Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Paris, Antwerp, Strasburg Germany, Basel.

The Impact of Movable Type Printing Press

In the 1450's the first Printing Press was manufactured in Germany. In the 1480's it has spread to Spain, Italy, England, Netherlands, Belgium, and Portugal. The 1500's almost every country in Europe had a Printing Press.
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The Printing Press and it's "Impact" on Literacy

The first mechanized printing press was invented by Johann Gutenberg in 1452. It made an advancement from expensive hand written papyrus scrolls and manuscript codex only wealthy upper elite class can buy to cheap identical books just about anyone can buy. It also made an advancement in knowledge among lower class and upper class citizens.

Columbus's First Letter

Columbus's first letter was sent and published in many cities and countries including Spain, Italy, Rome, Paris, and Florence. Because of the printing press, it was possible for the letter to be published and spread around quickly.
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