Woodgrove High School Newsletter

December - 2019

Principal's Message

We certainly hope everyone had wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends! In November, we had an exceptional celebration of American Education Week. A special thanks to our SCA who hosted our first Educator for a Day event. This paired volunteering students, teachers, and staff for a day to let the students get a sense of what teachers and other staff members do each day. In addition, we are grateful to those family and community members who took time to visit with us during our celebration. Many thanks also to the PTSO members for the treats they provided staff during AEW as well. And certainly, congratulations to all our sports teams, theatre department, and our band for an excellent fall season.

This month our music department will present their choral, band, orchestra, and guitar winter concerts. All concerts will begin at 7:00 PM. Our winter sports have also started their games and competitions. Please check the calendar for the dates of these upcoming musical and sporting events and please attend and watch our Wolverines in action.

The last day of classes before Winter Break will be Friday, December 20. Classes will resume on Monday, January 6.

Regarding attendance, I am asking that parents and guardians make every attempt to schedule family trips and vacations during school holidays or breaks.

Lastly, as we enter the holiday season, the staff at Woodgrove takes this time to wish everyone a safe and happy winter vacation, and we look forward to a magnificent year in 2020!


The mission of Woodgrove High School is to enable all members of the school community to think critically and act responsibly, while preparing students for their futures.


  • We believe that critical thinking means using knowledge to make informed decisions and to solve problems, both independently and collaboratively.
  • We believe that we must be responsible for achieving our own goals, for contributing to society, and for being effective global citizens.
  • In order to be successful, we all must work, honor, and strive.


In order to streamline the attendance process, Woodgrove High School will be utilizing an online reporting procedure. The new form will be used for early dismissal, tardy to school, and student absences.

Parents can access the form (https://bit.ly/2Nx0ix2) beginning Friday, November 1, 2019. The link can also be found on the main page of the Woodgrove High School website.

Please note that the student ID number is a required field for the form. Completion of the form will generate an email confirmation. If you have any questions about your student’s attendance, please contact Teri Hoover at 540-751-2600 or Theresa.Hoover@lcps.org.



  • Mrs. Geri Fiore - Director of School Counseling
  • Mr. Patrick Weaver ------ A to Cop
  • Mr. Steven Cohen -------- Cor to Gra
  • Ms. Amy Scott ------------- Gre to K
  • Mrs. Donna Kelly --------- L to O
  • Mrs. Barbara Bell --------- P to Sm
  • Mrs. Rachel Sutphin ----- Sn to Z

WHS Parking and Pickup Procedures

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Movie Night at Woodgrove - Saturday 12/7 at 6pm

Come dressed in your jammies and bring your blankets, pillows, and lawn chairs. Doors open at 5:30. Concessions will be sold before and during the movie. Cash sales only. All concession sales help benefit the Freshman Class. If you would like to donate items to be sold at concession, please go to the following link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e45a8ad2ba0f85-freshman

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WHS Library News

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Student Council Association News

General Assembly Meeting:

The Woodgrove High School Student Council held a general assembly meeting on Thursday, November 7th. At this meeting classes met and determined their desired class party should they win the Spirit Plate competition, a competition that uses participation and activity to award classes points. Three of the four classes opted for an alteration of a movie night, with the Junior class preferring either laser tag, or a catered breakfast. The Woodgrove Student Council has budgeted between 1000-3000 dollars for the party. Remember the class that earns the most spirit points will win the prize! Currently the Seniors are leading with the Sophomores close behind, and the Freshman and Juniors rounding out the bottom. However, nothing has been won yet and every class should keep doing their best to earn Spirit Points and potentially win the party!

American Education Week:

The Woodgrove High School Student Council found several ways to recognize, honor, and celebrate the educators that make a difference in all of our lives.

American Education week started on Monday, November 18th the Woodgrove High School Student Council purchased and presented teacher work rooms with an assortment of flowers.

On Wednesday, November 20th students and staff were given the opportunity to write on a leaf who they were thankful for during DenTime that has made an impact on their education. Tying the upcoming Thanksgiving break in with American Education week, the exercise was seen as a success.Student Council Marketing Director Julia Murray said, “I thought the turkey hands were a super cute, festive way to show appreciation to someone who has impacted our time at Woodgrove. A small hand turkey of appreciation has the power of a thousand words in my opinion, and was an awesome way to spread love around Woodgrove.”

On Thursday, November 21st staff and parents were invited to eat Thanksgiving lunch complimentary of the Woodgrove High School SCA. The lunch was spectacular featuring turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, and sweet potato pie. A record number of attendees were hosted at the event.

The week of appreciation concluded on Friday, November 22nd with the first annual “Teacher For a Day,” event. The event gave students the opportunity to help with, or teach the class with a teacher of their choice, the amount of involvement of the student was at the discretion of teachers. A student who participated, Maryam Khan, said, “Teacher For a Day allowed me to respect my educators even more as I realized just how hard it is to work with students all day. Regardless of the subject our educators work hard to make sure we succeed, and working with Dr Bhatta and Mr Brown cemented that.”

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Upcoming Events:

In December the Woodgrove High School Student Council is hosting the Door Decorating Contest. The contest pits students, teachers, and DenTimes against each other to see who can decorate their door to best illustrate the holiday spirit.

The Student Council will be hiding an “Elf On the Shelf” around the school and the finder will receive a gift card. Be sure to be prepared for clues that will be revealed when the elf is hidden.

The SCA Region 4 (Virginia) Workshop is on December 14th, 2019. The workshop is intended to prepare Region 4 for the VSCA convention in March, while also offering an amazing opportunity for student leaders to network, share ideas, and learn effective methods of leadership from one another. Most importantly, students will do all of this while having fun!

DECA Pastries & Princesses

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Volume 10, Issue 4 -December, 2019


Overuse Injuries

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Nutrition Too much protein

Doctors at Dayton (Ohio) Children’s Hospital recently issued a warning against excessive protein intake for teen athletes. They were pushed to act after seeing an increase in the number of high school athletes visiting the emergency room due to protein powder over-consumption. While protein helps build and repair muscles, it has no benefit once the daily requirement is fulfilled. Although excess protein is expelled in urine, it still can cause problems.

People think, oh, if a little bit’s good, then a lot’s better, and that’s not the case. The kidneys are only made to filter a limited amount of protein and if you’re taking more than you need, it’s all just going to go straight through the kidneys and can eventually lead to some kidney failure.

Teen athletes only need 0.5 to 0.7 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight, per day. Most teenagers get enough protein in their daily diet, so they do not need to consume protein powder. A lot of times, coaches will encourage them to take it. But they don’t need it. In lieu of protein powder, there are many alternative ways of getting protein, such as beans, cheeseburgers, fish and oatmeal.

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