The Cask of Amomtillado

By: James McGhay


Montresor is a murderer that kills the people that he does by luring them into a tunnel underneath the river bed that has wine in it. He lets the people he is going to murder, taste the wines they are drunk and he takes them to a deep crypt and quickly chains them to the marble and takes blocks that are hidden underneath human reamins and puts them up around the person that is chainded to the wall.

Point of View

I believe that The Cask of Amontillado is First Person because the narrator uses the terms "I, or We".


One moment of suspense is when Montresor and Fortunato are walking underneath the river bed and Montresor is making Fortunato try all of these wines and Fortunato is getting drunk. Another one is when they are in the deep crypt and Montresor grabs Fortunato and chains him to the marble and Fortunato has no time to react because he is drunk and shocked. I was wondering if Fortunato was gonna be left to die or if Montresor was just messing around and it came to be that Fortunato was left to die.