Be less busy

New channel added!

Introducing the #outage channel. Use this to get updated info on outages the district and to report district outages. Since slackbot works via mobile app, we might be able to get ahead of a problem before it gets worse.

While I do my best to monitor everything, I can't be everywhere at once. This channel will alert everyone to potential problems and also allow you to let me know if your building is having a problem as well. Communication at it's best!

If you are already on Slack (as several are) be sure to join up.

Why Slack?

Slack brings all your communication together in one place. It's real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. Slack has both mobile (iPhone/Android) and web apps.

Thought we could give this a shot if you are interested. I promise to respond. I'm on all the time. (Hint: Ask some of your colleagues who use it about how quickly I respond.)

As an added incentive, there is a channel dedicated to the #helpdesk so you can avoid the ticket system if you so desire. Just log on and message me @melson in the #helpdesk channel.

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