Chewing gum in school

Reasons to be able to chew gum in school

  • Tests show that people who chew gum before tests do 26%-30% better than people who don't. (increases blood flow)
  • Helps you remember things to bring to class like a pencil.
  • It can keep teeth clean and make your jaw stronger for extra curricular activities like band to keep your embouchure strong.
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Chewing Gum Stimulates The Brain

Keeps your teeth and jaw strong

  • Helps teeth clean sometimes but it has to be the right gum
  • Helps your jaw stay strong by working it out

Helps students on tests

  • Tests show that people who chewed gum during tests did 26%-30% better than the people who did not
  • increases blood flow in your body causing you to remember things

Helps you remember to bring things to class

  • Gum increases blood flow causing you to remember to bring things to class or remember peoples names
  • This can help you in many other ways to