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Papatahi ki te Ngākau, Pūtahi ki te Atawhai - Care Through Collaboration Creating One Community


Hi Team

It is great to be able to share our Kahui Ako Achievement Challenge document with our Boards of Trustees and to answer their questions.

Our Key Leadership Team have created a Communication Strategy that we are working through to ensure that messages in our community and across our schools are consistent. This can be found on our website for people to read. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY

This month myself and our Across School Teachers met with Mary Anne Mills - Core Education, who is our Expert Partner, to refocus our work and to plan next steps.

Data collection has been a big focus this month as we look at what needs to be collected to inform our next steps in relation to our four achievement challenges.

Deep learning book about assessment

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The Board of Trustees of our Central Taranaki Kahui Ako schools came together on Tuesday 20th August. This was a unique opportunity for the Kahui Ako team to be introduced and for the Boards to be updated on the progress the Kahui Ako has made since it started in 2016.

Graham Sands Lead Principal Support opened the evening with karakia and waiata and a brief explanation about the name “Te Kahui Ako o Mohoao Taranaki” and where it came from. Followed by Fiona Green newly appointed Lead Principal Support who talked about the Kahui Ako’s journey to this point.

Kim Waite then explained the new Achievement Challenges and where the Across School and Within School Teachers roles sat within those challenges. It was a good time for discussion and clarification.



Tēnā Koutou Katoa,

Nga mihi mahana ki te whānau o Kahui Ako o Taranaki Mohoao.

At the last Leadership hui we had the pleasure of Rumatiki Timu (Ngati Maru) attend and compose a waiata for our cluster (kahui Ako o Taranaki Mohoao). This was a humbling experience as he explained the thinking and meaning of the waiata. The coverage of our Kahui Ako is vast so for Rumatiki to encompase us all was no easy task. Below is the waiata and the meaning behind it. With this waiata we can go anywhere and use this waiata to support us and let others know where we are from. Different parts of the waiata relate to the differeent schools / rohe in our Kahui Ako. We are now tasked with the job of learning it and learning the different forms the waiata can take. Waiata can take several forms depending on the occasion - Oriori (lullaby), Pao (entertainment song), Patere (historical or genealogical tour), and Haka…

We will endeavour for all schools to learn the different formats so if we are all together we can sing it as a whole. We are currently crafting this into a video clip to put on our Kahui Ako o Taranaki Mohoao Website so watch this space.

Taranaki Mohoao...

Ka takatū nei i te ataata,

o te maunga nekeneke.

Ko ōnā muriwai, aku tongi kōrero

Mai Manganui ki Mangawhero.

Ka huri whakauta...

ki Whangamomona, tērā te hononga

ki te awa tupua.

Hokihoki pēnei mai, te Whakaihuwaka

Ki Makahu, Mangaehu ki Patea.

Ka ahu whakarunga...

ka ahu whakararo ki te ara tapuwae

o Ruaputahanga.

Tōnā puna roimata, tōnā puni pō tahi.

Titia tō piki amokura.

Taranaki Mohoao...

Purutia tō mana, whakamau rerepene

Mō te papa pōwira.

Pūtake whakarunga, pūtake whakararo

ki te Whai-ao, ki te Ao-marama.

Taranaki Mohoao, purutia tō mana

Itaita mau tonu Hi!

Central Taranaki community of learning is,

Driving education, underneath the shadow,

of the moving mountain,

whose backwaters form our district

from Manganui to Mangawhero.

I turn inland,

To Whangamomona, my connection

To the mystical river (Whanganui).

Returning to mount Humphries,

To Makahu, Mangaehu to Patea rivers.

I look to the heavens,

I look to the earth to the historical path

Of Ruaputahanga, Seeing her spring of tears

and her overnight resting place.

An uplifting source of courage & inspiration.

Central Taranaki

make your presence known, suitably equipped

and conditioned to your enviroment,

mentally and physically prepared

to take on the world.

Central Taranaki, make your presence known,

Permanently established

Graham Sands - Support Principal



Our facilitators have asked me to provide some feedback about how the PLD is progressing in our Kahui Ako. If your kura is involved in this PLD could you please ask a representative to take the time to complete this short survey.



This doc has been updated. We are now in the next phase of deciding on and collecting data which will inform our next steps. Once this is complete this will be added to the Achievement Challenge.

To view our achievement challenges please go to our Kahui Ako Website.


Relationships and Responsive Transitions/ Weaving the Curriculums

Purpose: To provide support to Central Taranaki Kāhui Ako around transition pathways to school and kura, in particular understanding the connections between Te Whāriki and New Zealand Curriculum.

Wahoo! We have developed our …


This document is designed to be a conversation starter between a child’s Early Childhood Centre and prospective school. Our Kahui Ako believes that relationships are the key to successful transition to school.

To view full document click here

Our kaiako came together for our last session with Sarah Whiting: CORE Education. An exciting part of the session was identifying focus groups for future work. Each member has nominated an area they would like to further explore in our “Transition Network”. Together in their teams they developed plans and timelines of how they are going to drive their area of interest and share their expertise. A great step forward to everyone contributing and collaborating to topics for our Transition Network meetings.

From our work together each centre/school has each set a goal in “Transition”. Penny our AST will be coming to visit to work out a support/development plan with you from there.

Click here to revisit our work from our last session!


Term 4: Look forward to our “Transition Network” meetings resuming in Term Four.

24th October 2019, 3.30 pm, Stratford Primary

Hui focus: Oral Language

Penny Andrew - Across School Teacher


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Another busy month with visits with Mary-Anne Milne our Expert Partner and visits to many schools. A big thank you to those schools, I had some fabulous tours and am really impressed with so many things our Central Taranaki Schools are doing so well.

Learner Agency and Curriculum were the main ideas discussed at the latest Super Staff Meeting where approx 60 of us attended. Thank you to the teachers who shared in these areas, I wish I could have heard you all speak! Learner Agency is really ramping up in schools and its impressive to see so many teachers making changes to their practice to enable and engage their students. I have several teachers ready and willing to share what’s happening in their classrooms and will be arranging some visits next term. If you are interested please get in touch with me. There is also a Learner Agency Student Survey now available for teachers. This can be used as a tool to gauge where your students are at and look at next steps in your classroom and on your Learner Agency Journey. There are also resources being made to help teachers through this transition into Learner Agency as well.

On the website we are starting a collaborative space (early stages), where there are links to shared drives with resources from around the Kahui Ako. (Learner Agency and also Digital Curriculum Resources).

Tracy White - Across School Teacher



We have been working hard to improve the transition experiences for our 2020 Year 9 students. Having the opportunity to collaborate across our kahui ako has meant that some really useful ideas have been able to be included in the plans. Term 4 will be about implementing changes and reviewing as we go to ensure that our students enjoy the smoothest and most successful transition possible to our secondary schools.

In addition to this I have been setting up a process to co-construct transition statements for key transition points on our students’ learning pathways. Many of us have, or are developing, graduate profiles for our students. Transition statements are not intended to replace graduate profiles. Rather, they will provide a starting point for finding our collective aspirations and priorities for our learners. I will be working with Penny Andrews in Term 4 to align the huge piece of work that has been put in to the transition to school with this project.

This is the first step in designing a local curriculum that ensures that we, as a community, understand the aspirations that we have for our young people. This will form a foundation for our collective efforts to strengthen our local curriculum. A rich, coherent curriculum across settings and over the years helps to ensure our students’ success and wellbeing.

We are trialling the use of the ‘Local Curriculum Design Tool’(MoE) as a platform for supporting this mahi.

Term 4 will mean drilling down into what this may look like in a couple of learning areas in particular – arts and technology. Keep an eye out for a meeting early in the term for year 8 and 9 teachers of arts and technology.

Angela Roberts - Across School Teacher



Our Kahui Ako have booked John Parsons to come and work with our cluster of schools. This date is saved in the Kahui Ako calendar. More information will be coming out closer to the time.

For more information about John please follow the link: http://www.simulate2educate.co.nz/


We are excited to announce that we are bringing Marg Thorsbury back to work with educators in our Kahui Ako. Educators will need to commit to a three day workshop.

It is important that the three day workshops be attended by people at the top if you want to change the direction of your learning centre and move from punitive to relational. You need to be there and take at least one significant staff member.

All staff at Taranaki Dio are trained in restorative practice including their boarding staff – they de-escalate “stuff” all of the time. We use it in our personal lives and we are approached by students to have a “restorative”. We are not all experts but want to have the best possible relationships with students, colleagues and parents.

Marg’s website https://www.thorsborne.com.au/

Marg’s blurb from her TED talk

When harm is done (by us or others to us), reconnecting is only possible when we are a) willing to communicate with the other b) honest about what happened (no blame or excuses) and how it has affected us and finally c) being willing to express our vulnerable feelings about what happened.

Marg is a passionate advocate for healthy relationships, conflict resolution, restorative justice and relational leadership. With a long history first as a teacher and counsellor, and now as a consultant, she works tirelessly to help school communities and organisations understand what emotional health and wellbeing looks like, sounds like and feels like.

She is widely recognised as an international pioneer and expert on school & workplace bullying, and has played a major role in the introduction of restorative practices into schools and workplaces in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, Canada and UK.

If you are a little school and would find it hard to cover the 3 days leave then talk with us about what the bigger schools could offer to support you

Registrations are open for this now:


Fiona Green



Restorative Practices - Marg Thorsbury - 16th - 18th March 2020

3 day Workshop for Educators in our Kahui Ako. The Kahui Ako will cover all registration costs. The single cost to schools will be relieving costs.

Wellbeing@school surveys to be completed by all schools by the end of Term 3.

Principal/ECE Leaders PLD Cultural Inclusiveness - Thursday 17th October

TOD - Mini Conference - Friday 6th March

An overview of dates for 2020 will be out very soon.

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Central Taranaki Kahui Ako

Lead Principal - Kim Waite

Support Principals - Graham Sands/Fiona Green