The History of Computing

by Robin Guthe

The 1st computers

In 1936 Alan Turing dreamt up a thinking machine. He decided to call tis machine an "imagination Machine". He never actually developed this "Imagination Machine" but he had the first thoughts about it. However, during WW2 he worked on the development of Colossus, which was used to crack the Enigma code. After the war he worked on AL:(Artificial Intelligence)

World Wide Web

Tim Bernes-Lee invented the world wide web on the 12 march 1989. He made it because he worked at CERN and suffered from information overload and wanted to store this information on a computer using hypertext (http.-hypertext transfer protocol). there are a rules on WWW, every bit of information must have and address, computers to follow a standard protocol and common lauguage must be used.

What's inside a computer? What are the computer components?


Why does the Apple logo have a bite out of it? Alan Turing committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple and there is a conspiracy theory that that is the reason for the bite out of the Apple logo as a sign of respect to Alan Turing However, this theory has never been proven therefore we don't know if is true or not.