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From the Director

When I last wrote before the Easter holiday, we had just come out of the first month of a new and unprecedented encounter with a pandemic. Now, through the visceral and public killing of George Floyd, the nation is shaking again because of the ongoing virus of racism that has infected individuals and systems for 401 years in America. It may very well be that the Covid-19 pandemic’s shuttering of cultural distractions prepared more people than ever before to look long and hard at what our Black and Brown brothers and sisters have had to live with all their lives.

The ACTS Group was founded in 2012 at a time when the Sacramento region began seeking to pull together in new ways that included intentional conversations and efforts around racial justice. Many different leaders of all ethnicities and from many churches, non-profits and businesses initiated events. marches, conferences, conversations, relational networks, videos and educational journeys like Micah Groups. It has been amazing to witness these leader’s intentional and diverse efforts to build honest and vulnerable conversations and courageous actions to advocate for needed changes.

We live in a dynamic world. I believe it is a time when God is removing American idols and exposing root sins of violence and injustice. It is a time and an opportunity for myself and all who have shaped the majority culture to listen, learn and repent for the first time or more deeply. I wonder where we will all be when I write the September update. I hope we are in a place of more real and tangible actions of humility, love, repentance, reform, reconciliation, justice and generosity, especially among the followers of Jesus. Hopeful through Jesus / Jeff Kreiser

Summer Internship Begins

We are glad to report that five fantastic young adults have been hired and connected to five regional/national non-profits through the CVN Summer Internship program. The interns meet weekly in a cohort to share all that they are learning and to hear from local leaders on the importance of engaging our communities with social action that meets the needs of the most vulnerable. Being placed with non-profits that work with refugee communities, the homeless, food insecurity, human trafficking, and gangs stretches them to see what it means for believers to be face to face and side by side with the people they are serving. Please pray for this group to grow as they walk together and in their work with the non-profits.
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Life On Mission

Are you living your life on mission? By this we mean that you are living in a way that is taking steps of faith with God that impact those around you. It means intentionally engaging in the lives of those with whom you live, work, learn and play so they can know Jesus for the first time or journey further in their own walk with Jesus. It is a ripe time to love our neighbor and to share the hope we have in Jesus.

The ACTS Group is continuing to build a Life on Mission suite of products and services that help leaders, pastors, churches, nonprofits and businesses activate and connect their people in life on mission. National launch of the Life on Mission "training of trainers" and the sermon series will happen in July and August, with a small group curriculum soon following.

The next Life on Mission live training is happening on June 27. Do you live in the Sacramento area? You can register for that training here.

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Board Profile - Donna Trumbo

Donna has been serving churches as Executive Pastor, Director and Administrator for more than 30 years. Now retired, she dedicates her time to address social justice issues and to support local and global compassion projects. Donna also facilitates several racial healing series through in various cities in the Sacramento and Placer County area.

A veteran of community relations and outreach, she loves building strong partnerships with schools, organizations and local businesses and connecting the dots with various difference-makers in the city. She believes that building strong, honest relationships with like-minded organizations can help one another fulfill their mission, while keeping a shared vision of making a positive impact in the city.

In addition to the TAG Board, Donna currently serves on the Steering Committee for Sacramento Martin Luther King Jr., the Placer County MLK March, Diversity Training and Development and also is a consultant for small churches. She serves as board secretary for H204ALL, a non-profit dedicated to profit safe water to communities in developing nations that was established by her husband, Joel.

New Website Under Construction

As was shared in our last update, The ACTS Group began a strategic review in late March and it has produced really helpful results that we look forward to sharing with you over the summer. One major outcome was the recommendation to completely redo our outward communication which includes our website, social media and newsletters. Many of you know that this is a major undertaking, but is necessary for the proper communication of all that The ACTS Group has become and is now engaging with locally and nationally. Please pray for Jeff Kreiser, Merisa Moy, our TAG team and those whom we are hiring to complete this process.

Ministry Partner Development

We are grateful for all who have given to support this ministry since 2012. As an outcome of our strategic review, we will be actively reaching out to you over the summer to share more about the current work of The ACTS Group and invite you to be part of a Ministry Partner Team who are supporting the vital work of activation of leaders, ministries, non-profits and churches in their kingdom mission. We continue to receive financial support online through New Horizons Foundation or by check at our business address, 1100 Blue Ravine Rd. Folsom, CA 95630.

The ACTS Group

The ACTS Group is a consultancy that helps you define, refine and activate your mission into growing desired tangible outcomes. Based in the Sacramento, CA area, The ACTS Group works with churches, networks, non-profits, movements, agencies and businesses across the United States.