Andrew Jackson

Hero of America

The hero of New Orleans

Andrew Jackson on January 8, 1815 Jackson and his 5,000 men defeated a larger and better force of 7,500 British soldiers. The British suffered as many as 2,000 casualties compared to 71 casualties of the Americans.

Just an Average Joe

Andrew Jackson, born March 15, 1776, was one of the first presidents to be born in just an ordinary home and no riches that would magically become his someday. This helped Jackson win the presidential election of 1828 because unlike the presidents before him he grew up like an average person like most of the people voting for him. In 1828 he won in a landslide because of his compatibility with the people of the untied states.

Monrster of a bank

ON September 10, 1833 Jackson veto's the bill to extend the charter of the Second National Bank. The national bank only favored the rich people of america and was unnecessary to the growth of the economy. By not allowing the bank to go on any longer Jackson set things right again.
Andrew Jackson Video

Andrew the slayer

This political cartoon represents Andrew Jackson crushing the, "Rich favoring" National bank.